Commercial Mediation In Serbia

Elena Ciancio

Ms. Ciancio, senior staff member of ADR Center, is expert in the management and coordination of technical-assistance and capacity-building projects focused on Conflict Management and ADR – e.g. mediation, negotiation, business diplomacy, consensus building, facilitation of social dialogue and access to justice in the international civil and commercial sectors.

Marcello Marinari

A former judge, he is the Head of Secretariat – Office of the State’s Undersecretary for Justice in Italy and Member of the Italian Ministry’s Executive Office – Coordination Service for International Affairs.

Ken Fox

Professor, School of Business, Director of Conflict Studies and Senior Fellow for DRI

Tim Hardy

Tim Hardy has been mediating for over ten years, working with parties to resolve disputes across a broad spectrum of commercial sectors.

Video on Mediation: 22 Languages

Ecorys – study on the use of alternative dispute resolution for business to business disputes in the european union

Rebooting the mediation directive

Mediation as alternative dispute resolution – the functioning of directive 2008/52/ec on certain aspects of mediation in civil and commercial matters