About Us

ADR Center’s Development division is one of the world’s leading consulting organizations specializing in the design and implementation of international projects in the fields of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Access to Justice, integrating ADR with legal aid and ancillary services such as information technology for justice systems.

Over the past ten years, ADR Center has become one of the most widely-recognized ADR consulting firms, with experience on projects for the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, USAID and the European Union, and with project offices in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. ADR Center’s Development division specializes in coordinating and managing Technical Assistance Projects involving international business diplomacy, consensus building, and conflict management in the international commercial and entrepreneurial sectors.

We integrate multiple disciplines—ADR Case Administration, ADR Policy Advocacy, ADR Training, ADR Academic Eminence, and ADR Project Management expertise—to consistently help our clients meet their ADR development goals and needs.

Our Vision

We view a world where alternative dispute resolution is ubiquitously available and relied upon by businesses and individuals as a low cost, efficient, and low risk means of resolving controversies, building relationships, ensuring equal access to justice for all, and supporting a strong investment environment worldwide.

Our Mission

Support the economic growth through the design and implementation of an effective system of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms (ADR) for civil and commercial disputes customized in each jurisdiction on local needs, culture and law.



In building sustainable ADR systems, we use an integrated methodology that builds both the capacity to mediate and creates demand for ADR. We advocate for mediation-enabling legal frameworks, build professional capacity to manage cases, stimulate active support among judicial and legal professionals, and generate awareness and demand within the private sector. We work to integrate ADR into judicial systems.


We rely on intensive engagement with counterparts and the broad range of stakeholders impacted by our assistance. We bring our practical experience and expertise in ADR on five continents and match it with local expertise and professionals found in each country. The best development solutions for local issues and problems are those that are locally developed and locally owne.


We take a disciplined approach to each project, applying standardized project management processes for our assignments and a life-cycle approach in project management. Our processes include detailed planning, stakeholder outreach and management, cost management, communications management, risk management, quality management, schedule management, monitoring and control, and project conclusion.


We are committed to securing real results and outcomes in our engagements, rather than simply producing outputs. Rather than simply counting plans, assessments, recommendations produced, and persons trained, we work with our counterparts and key beneficiaries to determine and achieve objectively verifiable outcome targets that reflect effectiveness and sustainability of our reforms.


The primary goal of ADR Center for Development is to help improve countries’ confidence and competence in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes.

Our further goals are to help increase national and international commerce, help reduce the frequency, cost and length of legal battles, and help countries to strengthen the rule of law by using ADR to relieve the debilitating pressure on their justice systems.

The ADR Development basic philosophy is that conflict can frequently be handled in a way that leads to mutual benefits, and can almost always be handled in ways that will reduce costs. Larger goals of an effective ADR system include:

  • enhancing dialogue
  • helping businesses manage their conflicts more effectively
  • building and rebuilding commercial relationships
  • improving access to justice, and
  • increasing the effective return on investment in the legal aid system, through implementation of good ADR policy.

Through dispute systems design, trainings, conferences, and a variety of other activities, our client countries are provided with efficient alternatives to continuing to endure an overloaded and inefficient judicial sector, with its consequent effects on the commercial sector.


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